Polypropylene Fume Scrubbers

Fume scrubbers are used to seperate vapors from an influent airstream and work based on the principles of evaporative cooling and condensation. Generally these vapors are acids used in manufacturing processes such as metal finishing, chemical processing, food, pharmaceutical and more. Chicago Plastic Systems designs, builds, installs, and services scrubbers up to 50,000 cfm and with removal efficiencies up to 95%. Demist rates can be as high at 99.5% for droplets of greater than 20 micron size. For difficult applications, we work with your engineering and maintenance staff to devlop custom scrubbers suited to your individual application.  To learn more about how we can improve your in plant air quality, and significantly reduce corrosion contact us​​​​​​​ today.



Fume scrubbers are generally built in one of two arrangements:

Counter flow or vertical like the unit pictured on the left and cross flow or horizontal like the scrubber pictured on the right.​​​​​​

Both are PVC construction although the vertical unit has a polypropylene sump. Materials can be any weldable thermoplastic that is compatible with fumes being scrubbed.  Many options are available to help your scrubber perform to its fullest capability including sump level controls, pH controls, automatic blowdown, differential pressure indicators and more.

Puzzled by Scrubber Problems?

Although simple in concept, scrubbers are highly engineered by application.  Velocity, chemistry, maintenance, soak time, etc all contribute to whether or not your scrubber is working properly.  If you have problems with your scrubber, call us to have a technician come to your site and diagnose why.  We'll provide a thorough inspection and write up with recommendations.  To learn more see our installations page.


This horizontal scrubber was installed by CPS in our customer's mechanical room.  The control panel is located on the back wall and scrubbed air is fed through the duct to a stack on the roof.


Custom tower

Custom applications call for custom scrubbers like this multi-stage tower unit standing over 16 feet tall.  Tough jobs are our specialty.



Large scrubbers such as this one are often placed outdoors.  This unit for a large plating company has 48" diameter duct feeding a horizontal scrubber.  On the left is a corrosion resistant centrifugal fan pushing the clean air through a backdraft style stack.

To Scrub or Not To Scrub?

Have you ever found yourself asking, "do I need a scrubber?"  Well, not every system requires the use of a scrubber.  In fact, many times this is the case.  We're happy to develop a system that will meet your requirements, but it's up to you to determine whether a scrubber is required.  If there's any concern at all, we recommend contacting a qualified environmental engineering firm and we'll work together with them to develop a system that complies with their evaluation and meets your budget.