Industrial Plastic Pipe Fabrication

Chicago Plastic Systems is the world leader in pipe fabrication serving the needs of waste water treatment, cooling towers, power plants, steel mills, chemical process and many more. We work with all types of plastic pipe including PVC, CPVC, polypro, PVDF and others in all schedules including SDR grades.

Our combination of custom equipment​​​​​​​, specialized manufacturing space for pipe fabrication and excellent relationships with the biggest suppliers of pipe in the US, all add up to our unique ability to get the job done on budget and on time. We usually guarantee on site arrival dates weeks or even months sooner than our closest competitor!  And because of our central location, freight costs are minimized from coast to coast.  ​​​​​​​

From the smallest spray bar to a 30,000 foot pipe grid in a power plant cooling tower, we can handle any job from large to small. Contact us​​​​​​​ today with your RFQ to learn how we can help on your project.

About Pipe Fabrication

At Chicago Plastic Systems, pipe fabrication is more than just drilling a few holes or adding a few fittings.  We build complete piping systems for some of the largest engineered water handling operations in the world.  Many projects include specialized fitting installations, welded laterals or branches, and even installation.


Pipe Layout & Design

From power generation to cooling towers to waste water treatment, our customers rely on our understanding of how these systems get assembled in the field.  We specially mark every single pipe for the job and color code each bundle to correspond to a location on the layout for the job.  This saves countless time and money at installation.  This photo shows bundles painted for the "red" section of the job and noted with their job site location.  Note the individual item numbers on several pieces.


One of the keys to the success of our pipe fab program is our dedicated pipe facility just 3 blocks away from our headquarters.  With 15,000 square feet, it is laid out to make pipe jobs run considerably more efficient than a traditional work space. Shown at left during a PVC schedule 40 job and at right from the opposite direction, ready to start a PVC-SDR 35 project.



Another reason we're able to produce large amounts of labor in a cost saving and time efficient manner is our specialized equipment.  We have invested heavily in custom made fixturing, machinery and equipment for these jobs.  Pictured at right is a hydraulic press for installation of sparger heads for a jet bubbling reactor in a clean coal power plant and at left is a CNC controlled rotary indexing unit.



CPVC Certified

Did you know Chicago Plastic Systems is a Corzan CPVC Key Industrial Fabricator?

We are proud of this distinction bestowed on a select few companies to participate in this program sponsored by the Lubrizol Company.  After rigourous training , our fabricators had to submit samples that conform to ASTM C-1147.  Even though CPVC is difficult to weld, you can rest assured your project will be a success because of our CPVC experience.

At left are CPVC spray headers for a high temp power plant cooling tower application.  Other CPVC pipe headers are used in steel pickling, chemical processing, and petroleum refining.