For over 25 years, Chicago Plastic Systems has worked to become the premier choice for industrial thermoplastic fabrication. If you need custom plating tanks​​​​​​​, wet fume scrubbers​​​​​​​, processing skids, pipe fabrication or your own unique product​​​​​​​ manufactured, CPS is at your service.

At Chicago Plastic systems, plastic sheets or rods are cut, bent, welded, formed and CNC machined into industrial products. DVS certified fabricators, who each average more than 5 years of experience, produce plastic products used in metal finishing, water treatment, chemical process, power generation, semi-conductor, food, pharmaceutical and many other industries.

We work with all types of corrosion resistant plastics like PVC, CPVC, Polypro, and PVDF as well as mechanical materials like UHMW, Delrin/acetal, Nylon, Teflon/PTFE, PEEK, Ultem, Radel, and many more. We have one of the largest brake presses dedicated to plastic for bending materials including polypro, polycarbonate, and PETG.

Technical challenges are not a problem at CPS. We have engineers on staff to help with selecting the right material or design for your application.  With 107,000 square feet, we are big enough to complete fully integrated installations yet small enough to know you by name, and our reputation for quality is second to none. You might be surprised to learn how we can help with your product or project. Contact us today to find out!

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Facilities & Equipment
Facilities & Equipment
Chicago Plastic Systems Employees


Chicago Plastic Systems' greatest asset is it's employees.  Although you've undoubtedly heard that from other companies, our organization was founded with this philosophy from the beginning and holds true today. Most of our employees are hired based on a referral from one of our current employees or business partners. This builds an environment that feels like family and a staff that functions as a team. In addition, because our employees are truly made to feel they're part of something bigger than themselves, they take great pride in every aspect of our business. As a result, our customers get the benefits of increased productivity and superior workmanship.

Sales and Project Management Team

Sales and Project Management

Our salespeople and project managers are your first line of communication with our organization. They have the specialized knowledge of our process to determine the best way we can help with your project . Averaging more than 16 years each in plastic fabrication most of them started in the shop and therefore have first hand knowledge of welding techniques and manufacturing practices.
Fabricator Team


The heart of our business is our fabricators. Bringing a diverse background ranging from the building trades to steel fabrication, they draw upon their technical skills to ensure your job turns out as planned. Taking plastic fabrication even further, 100% of our fabricators are either DVS certified or in the process of becoming DVS certified. As far as we know, no other company in the US has made such a commitment to certification of their fabricators. Don't be fooled by companies that have one or two certified employees.
Administrative and Support Team

Administrative and Support

If our fabricators are the heart then our administrative team is certainly our backbone. They hold everything else together. There is no more organized or better equipped group anywhere to deal with accounting, regulatory, insurance and documentation. If you need questions answered or problems solved for any of these matters, you'll be very glad you chose to work with Chicago Plastic Systems.

Our History

Three industrious businessmen had an idea for a different kind of company. One where customers, vendors, consultants, and employees would all work toward a common goal and be treated with the highest levels of dignity, honesty, and trust to build solid relationships for sustainable future. Where a handshake always means more than a contract and the well being of the customers and employees would be valued above financial gain. At the time this was a different approach to dealing with these relationships for the industry, but it still holds true at Chicago Plastic Systems today. The company has a long term vision of servant leadership putting others needs first to ensure a healthy company that will be strong for customers, colleagues, employees and their families long into the future.

Of course, this also means doing everything within Chicago Plastic Systems power to meet customer needs. Whether figuring out difficult technical problems, working to value engineer a job, or meeting a tight deadline, Chicago Plastic Systems will go above and beyond in the effort to meet those goals. CPS approaches every customer willing to do whatever it takes to ensure satisfaction and build a relationship that far outlasts a single order.

Chicago Plastic Systems was founded in September 1995 as an industrial ventilation equipment manufacturer, primarily serving the metal finishing (plating) industry. The initial office was the public library and manufacturing begun in Dirk Howell’s garage producing CPVC fittings. CPS quickly out grew the garage and moved into a small industrial space in the Advanced Flexible Composites, Inc. manufacturing facility in Lake in the Hills, IL. In those days John Stewart was engineering, Dirk Howell was manufacturing, and Leif Heggem was Installation/Service. Through hardwork, we excelled and projects got bigger.

CPS continued to grow.

In the summer of 1996​​​​​​​

CPS moved into a 5,000 sq ft industrial building on Commercial Rd. in Crystal Lake, IL. By the early 2000’s CPS had taken over the entire building of 10,000 sq ft. The customer base and projects grew even more and by 2005 CPS was working in the parking lot and acquired its first CNC machine.

In 2006​​​​​​​

Heartbreak struck; CPS lost one of our founders, John Stewart, to a rare disease. This was sad and discouraging watching a good friend go, but from this loss came a renewed dedication to Chicago Plastic Systems purpose and a greater resolve to help solve customer problems.

In 2007

CPS changed its primary focus from industrial ventilation to industrial plastic fabrication . This was not a change internally because CPS was always a plastic fabricator. This was a change externally advertising all our products and skills for use in any industry that makes sense. Since then CPS has seen huge growth in tank fabrication, skid fabrication, pipe fabrication, general fabrication and machining. CPS continues to manufacture, install, and service thermoplastic industrial ventilation systems. Several more CNC machines were purchased including a large CNC butt welder.

In 2009

CPS moved into a custom built 20,000 sq ft manufacturing facility on Dartmoor Dr in Crystal Lake, IL. The building features headquarters office, indoor docks, overhead cranes, large doors and tall ceilings. CPS outgrew this facility by 2012 and was leasing space across the street (what was to become the Calco Cutaways, Inc. facilities). By 2014 CPS completed an expansion into another nearby facility on Virginia Rd in Crystal Lake. This facility is shared with TC industries, Inc. South and created large assembly capacity for CPS.


We have over 50 employees in a state of the art facility covering 107,000 square feet providing solutions for customers across the country in industries such as metal finishing, power generation, chemical process, water and wastewater, and much more. We continue to give thanks to our employees, partners, customers, poverty and prosperity. We look to a bright future continuing the tradition of best in class customer service and the highest quality plastic fabrication coupled with uncompromising integrity.

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For over 20 years, Chicago Plastic Systems has worked to become the premier choice for industrial thermoplastic fabrication. If you need custom plating tanks​​​​​​​, wet fume scrubbers​​​​​​​, processing skids, pipe fabrication or your own unique product​​​​​​​ manufactured, CPS is at your service.

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