CNC Plastic Butt Welding Services is the process of “butting” two sheets of material together and welding them in a side by side manner.  By doing this, we can create larger sheets out of a smaller sheet and can create even larger sheets than can be manufactured by any other process.  We can use those sheets to create very large fabricated parts such as tanks, containment pans, enclosures and more.

CNC Plastic Butt Welding
Multiple CNC Plastic Butt Welding


Chicago Plastic Systems takes the process even further by employing the most technologically advanced CNC controlled plastic butt welding machines available anywhere in the industry.  In fact, we have the largest CNC butt welding machine in the western hemisphere!  Our capabilities range up to 2-1/2” thick and 20 feet wide by 100 feet long.   We can roll cylinders up to 20 feet in diameter and up to 1-inch wall thickness with all smooth butt-welded seams.  Additionally, our butt welders can make 90-degree butt welds up to 2” thick and 20 feet long.  This is useful for making very strong stank corners and many other products.

Computer-Controlled Welders

The computer-controlled welders are programmed for the type of material being welded, the thickness, the heat and pressure required, the length of the weld and compensate for sheet weight.  This all equates to structurally sound, full penetration welds that you can rely on for your most demanding application.  To discuss how our CNC butt welding process can add value to your fabricated component, contact us today.

Computer-Controlled Welder

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