Custom Plastic CNC Routing Services makes the widest variety of plastic routed parts in the industry today.  With all our equipment boasting large 60” x 144” tables, we can utilize large sheets and improve yields on all types of plastic for all types of industries.  Some industries that have taken advantage of our unique capabilities include:

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Custom Routers

CNC Routers

Our CNC routers are equipped for high speed and high precision.  We even make parts with 3-D profiles up to 12’ long.  Holding tolerance of +/-.005 on a router is unheard of, but is not a problem at all for us.  With our indexable aggregate tool, we can add side holes, machine angles and other “off-axis” features in a single operation.  Additionally, we have 4 axis indexing capability for machining on pipe to add slots, holes or other features and because our equipment has X-axis gantries, we can machine pipe up to 30 feet long!

Don’t trust your important plastic parts to just a generalist company that doesn’t specialize in plastics for your CNC routing services.  We are plastic experts that understand how differences in materials and routing techniques will affect the final outcome of your project.

Our Solutions in Your Facilities

industries used:
Other Industries
  • Aerospace
  • Water and Waste Water
  • Plating and Galvanizing
  • Automated Equipment
  • Material Handling
  • Electrical
  • Displays and Signage
  • Chemical Processing
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Transportation

Case Studies

Nothing demonstrates technical detail knowledge, fabrication expertise and problem-solving abilities better than real-world examples. The case studies at left illustrate how Chicago Plastic Systems helped to overcome the toughest challenges and manufactured high-performing, long-lasting custom plastic components and assemblies for clients. For additional information, give us a call.

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