Custom Plastic CNC Turning Services our department utilizes the most technologically advanced equipment available today. With sizes reaching 18” diameter and 60 inches long and with up to 4” thru the spindle, they are also some of the biggest lathes dedicated to plastics in the Midwest. High precision plastic machining can be difficult, but our highly trained machinists are experts in the special techniques required to produce high-quality machined plastic parts.

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Custom Plastic CNC Turning
industries used:

CNC Turning Parts

Parts with side work such as flats, holes or other features can be accomplished in a single operation with our 4 axis and 5 axis turning centers. By utilizing live tool technology these parts can be made more precisely and without secondary operations. Another advanced capability of our machines is the sub-spindle. This is a second chuck that can sync to the first and grab a part allowing work to be done on the back of the part without human interference. All this technology translates to better repeatability and faster run times which means better parts and lower costs for you. If you need metal turned parts, we can help with that too. We turn all grades of stainless steel and aluminum, but keep that separate from our dedicated plastic equipment to prevent unwanted cross-contamination.

CNC Turning Part

Metal Components

some metal components include
  • Spacers
  • Special Washers
  • Retaining rings
  • Custom Hardware
  • Locating Pins
  • Valve Parts

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Case Studies

Nothing demonstrates technical detail knowledge, fabrication expertise and problem-solving abilities better than real-world examples. The case studies at left illustrate how Chicago Plastic Systems helped to overcome the toughest challenges and manufactured high-performing, long-lasting custom plastic components and assemblies for clients. For additional information, give us a call.

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