Chicago Plastic Systems builds our plastic skid bases from corrosion-resistant thermoplastic like HDPE, polypro, and others. We are able to custom engrave lettering, logos or graphics into them and provide skids in many colors. The skid pictured incorporates pumps, controls, automation, and instrumentation and has built-in containment.

We can add containment to any of our skids to contain spills or leaks.  Containment volume varies by skid size but is generally between 50 and several hundred gallons. To find out how we can help reduce costly leaks on your skid project, contact a Chicago Plastic Systems representative today.

Plastic Containment Skid Features
  • Non-Corroding
  • Non-Conductive
  • Easy to Clean
  • Light Weight
  • High Strength
  • Prevents Spills That Lead To Damage Or Accidents
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Containment Skid Systems
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Nothing demonstrates technical detail knowledge, fabrication expertise and problem-solving abilities better than real-world examples. The case studies at left illustrate how Chicago Plastic Systems helped to overcome the toughest challenges and manufactured high-performing, long-lasting custom plastic components and assemblies for clients. For additional information, give us a call.

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