Over the years, customers have come to rely on Chicago Plastic Systems to supply a wide range of custom CNC machined components. Whether you need a simple bushing or a complex 5 axis machined semiconductor component, we have the equipment and the experience to ensure your parts are on spec, on budget and on time.

CNC Turning
CNC Turning
CNC Routing
CNC Routing
CNC Milling
CNC Milling

Material Selection

Today’s high tech plastics have many advantages over their metal counterparts.  Some of these are lower weight, significantly better corrosion resistance, lower coefficient of friction, better wear rates and are electrically non-conductive.  We're experts in material selection and the nuances of machining plastic components a few examples are:


  • Bearings
  • Bushings
  • Gears

Nylon and Nylatron

  • Machine Wear Pads
  • Rollers
  • Guide Wheels


  • Starwheels
  • Chain Guides
  • Guide Rails


  • Filter Components
  • Pump Impellers
  • Liquid Fittings


  • Filler Nozzles
  • Liquid Manifolds
  • Supports and Stand-Offs


  • Fluid Sensors
  • Chemical Processing Parts
  • Clean Room Equipment


  • Liquid Pistons
  • Seals
  • Valve Seats

PET and Ertalyte

  • Food Equipment Parts
  • Automated Equipment Components

Ultem and Polysulfone

  • Medical Trays
  • Hot Liquid Dispensing Nozzles
  • Electrical Components


  • High Temp Seals
  • Friction Rings
  • Medical Equipment

Tight Tolerance

Plastics have much higher expansion and contraction rates than their metal counter parts making tight tolerances challenging.  But at CPS, you can generally expect most turned parts held to +/-.003 and routed parts to +/-.005.  We can hold the smoothest finishes in the industry with some parts as low as 8 Ra finish.  If you have critical requirements, please contact us today to discuss your application.

Machining Certifications

All of our machined parts are accompanied by full QC documentation with all features and tolerances listed and recorded.  Parts are checked at a rate of not less than 2% or more depending on customer requirements with gauges and instruments certified to NIST standards by an outside lab.  This ensures you get accurate and reliable parts order after order.  Our Quality Policy allows for any additional QC checks as required by the customer including lab testing of raw material, lot and batch tracing, and serializing parts.

Your One Stop Fabrication Shop

Because we’re also a fabrication company, you don’t need to source multiple vendors for parts requiring both machining and fabrication.  Count on us to carefully manage each step from raw material to machining to fabrication and secondary operations.  With all operations under one roof, you can rest assured we will handle all the operations your parts require and you’ll save time and money by not creating multiple PO’s and not shipping parts between vendors.

Our Projects

nylon thrust washers

These natural Nylon thrust washers can support a high load and still allow mating parts to move freely. Nylon has an excellent value for its performance. We can supply parts like these in quantities into the tens of thousands.

polypropylene fitting

Pictured above is a polypropylene fitting for use in a pharmaceutical application. After machining, the part is welded into an assembly and then machined again to remove excess welding rod.

tiny rollers

Tiny rollers used in a food application had to withstand repeated heating and cooling to extreme temperatures. We helped the customer select Ultem since it excels in those conditions and is FDA compliant. ​​​

natural uhmw-pe conveyor rail

The natural UHMW-PE conveyor rail pictured above had to be "3-D" machined because of the steep sides. Approximately 2" thick and 5" wide, we supplied these to the customer in 10-foot lengths. ​​​​

tight tolerance machining glass

This is a tight tolerance machining glass filled PTFE carrier tray. It is used to carry glass slides in a piece of medical lab equipment.

automated rail component

This custom water filter chamber lid was machined from durable HDPE. It was made in just 2 operations thanks to our technologically advanced CNC lathe saving time and money while making a more precise finished product.

delrin ring segment

This acetal or Delrin ring segment fits together with 3 others to form a complete circle. It functions as a seal on an automated packaging machine. The inset shows the profile of the piece which was created by 3-D machining to a surface finish of 16 RMS. Contact us today to learn more about how we can provide machined plastic parts for your application.​​​​​​​

cnc routers

We have two of the largest CNC routers in the area which allows us to make parts like this 5' diameter CPVC valve component. Overall we're capable of routing parts 60" x 144" in a single pass and we have 4th axis indexing for machining pipe or parts up to 8" in diameter.

polypropylene door guide rails

The natural polypropylene door guide rails pictured above were welded onto a chemical resistant enclosure to create sliding doors. Many of the products we make are built with parts that we machine before welding into an assembly.

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