Mist Eliminators

Mist eliminators remove entrained liquid droplets from an airstream and can be placed upstream of devices to remove mist close to the source or downstream of mist producing equipment such as fume scrubbers, odor control devices or cooling towers to prevent mists from being exhausted out. They consist of a housing with a method to remove the droplets. Mist eliminator housings can be fabricated from PVC, polypro, HDPE, CPVC or even PVDF and contain different internal separation types.

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Mist Eliminators
mist eliminator pad

One of the most common mist eliminator types is a pad made up of layers of polypropylene mesh.  These mesh pads are application-specific for the droplet size and removal rate required.  The layers range from coarse (open) mesh to much finer mesh and are usually varied (coarse-medium-fine-fine-medium-coarse) within the pad.  Some may be as thin as 2-3 inches made up of 4 layers or 8 or more inches made up of 10 layers.  They are sewn from bulk stock by our fabricators in-house and installed into a housing designed to fit your application.

Another type of mist eliminator is the chevron blade style.  These mist eliminators are fabricated into a housing designed to control the airspeed in the application.  The droplets collide with a series of blades or vanes and run down the blade to collect in the sump of the housing.  Chevron blades aren’t as efficient as mesh pads but can be used where some fine particles are also carried with the airstream and require less cleaning and maintenance. 

Chevron blade mist eliminator
Chevron blade chart

A variation on chevron blades is the patented Half Wave vane mist eliminators.  These innovative blades were developed after years of research and work with higher loading and at greater velocities than other mist eliminator types.  Due to their proprietary material, they create less loss and can be used at temps up to 350F.  We custom fabricate them into blade packs that can be installed in your existing equipment or we can work with your team to design a complete solution for your application.

If you have a mist producing process, call us today and let our experienced team of applications professionals design a cost-efficient and low maintenance solution for you.

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