Chicago Plastic Systems is your source for all types of thermoplastic pipe duct and fittings. They are available in PVC, CPVC, Polypro, PVDF, HDPE and even static dissipative materials. Some materials are available in white color for roof-top applications.  We produce round duct and fittings to 72" diameter and rectangular duct to 72" x 72" all in accordance with SMACNA guidelines.

We make standard configurations like tees, elbows, and wyes as well as many custom arrangements to match each individual layout.  Additionally, our skilled fabricators make blast gate and quadrant dampers, rain caps, and stacks. Our fittings are fabricated on our proprietary equipment and welded by hand by DVS certified professionals to ensure proper fit and weld strength.


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Plastic Pipe Duct & Fittings
Plastic Pipe Duct & Fittings

Industries Using Plastic Duct and Fittings

One of the industries where our plastic duct and fittings are commonly found is electroplating. The chemicals required to properly strip, etch and clean metals are very corrosive and require proper ventilation.  Click on the buttons to learn more about other industries that take advantage of our PVC pipe duct and fittings.

industries used:
industries used:

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