PVC Fume Exhaust Hoods

A hood is the device at the capture point of a ventilation system. Even though they look simple, there is a large amount of engineering that goes into properly designed hoods. Hoods are where ventilation systems start, and a poorly engineered hood will create a domino effect of bad performance in your system. Off-the-shelf hoods often don't provide the level of efficiency required and are even less likely to perform because they must work in harmony with the rest of your system. There are very specific criteria to designing a hood that will work properly and if your vendor can't explain slot face velocity, hood design (shape etc), slot size, plenum velocity, etc all relative to your application, call us today and find out what a properly engineered hood will do for your process.

Hoods can be fabricated in several different types to suit the application. A few applications can be seen below.

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PVC Fume Exhaust Hoods
lateral hood

This type of hood is called a lateral and is the most common in metal finishing applications.  It is installed at the back of a tank and draws fumes from both the surface and off the parts as they are moved from one tank to the next.

canopy hood

Canopy fume hoods are used where overhead clearance is not a concern.  A drawback to canopy fume hoods is that they consume much, much more air than other types of hoods.  Chicago Plastic Systems builds many styles and sizes of hoods to meet our customers' needs.

polypropylene benchtop lab hood

Another type of hood is this polypropylene benchtop lab hood.  When the doors are closed, it draws very little air, requiring less energy to operate.  Hoods can be fabricated from any of the materials we work with.

low profile downdraft hood

Low profile downdraft hoods like this one fill the space between 2 tanks and draw fumes from both sides.  This allows for maximum overhead clearance, but doesn't draw fumes off the parts being lifted from the tank.  There are advantages to each type of hood, so call us to help with selection for your project.


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