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Benefits Of Rinse Tanks

The solvents and cleaners applied to metal parts for preservation and testing need to be removed for additional machining, fabrication, or value-added processing. Additionally, a customer wants to receive a shipment of parts and begin production, not allocate time for preparation.

Rinse tanks are an effective, clean, and safe way to eliminate contaminants from the part’s surface. Some critical rinsing factors are fluid purity, fluid temperature, rinse agitation, and tank volume or size. 

In its simplest form, a rinse tank consists of a single tank with a water inlet and a water outlet port. The rinse is filled, used for some time, then drained and re-filled. Incorporating multiple tanks into a rinsing process permits the usage of different rinse fluids or additional washes, improving efficiency. 

Your Rinse Tank Source

Chicago Plastic Systems is a leading provider of long-lasting rinse tanks for industrial use. We can fabricate custom tanks to any size, shape, or configuration from many plastic material types to meet a specific industry standard or customer requirement.

Utilizing high-performance plastics for custom rinse tank construction offers many benefits over other materials. They resist corrosion, impacts, and contact with hazardous chemicals. They’re also lightweight, which makes transportation, filling, and draining easy. 

On Your Side

Rinse tanks are used for a variety of purposes. Examples include:

  • Spray Rinsing
  • Overflow Rinsing
  • Cascade Rinsing
  • Counterflow Rinsing

With counterflow rinse tanks, water moves from tank to tank in the opposite direction of the workflow. Overflow rinse tanks offer the ability to flow water into and out of the rinse continuously.

Hassle-Free Custom Rinse Tank Manufacturing 

During the creation of a custom rinse tank, our team works with you to understand your organization’s processes and any variables involved. As a result, you get the tank you need on time and at an affordable price. Things we consider include: 

  • Process Type
  • Chemistry
  • Media Used
  • Temperature
  • Space Considerations
  • Wear And Tear
  • Production Output

Our highly trained fabricators can construct rinse tanks to meet your specific needs. Accessories can be integrated into a tank, enhancing productivity while reducing downtime.

  • Protective Tank Skirting
  • Fittings
  • Tank-Bottom Supports
  • Brackets
  • Flanges
  • Reinforced Sidewalls
  • Square Boxes
  • Buss Bars
  • Other Ancillary Equipment

Let’s Get Started 

With Chicago Plastic Systems on your side, rinsing is easy. We’re dedicated to manufacturing high-performing rinse tanks customized to suit your process on time and within budget. 

Every one of our welders is either certified by the American Welding Society and German Welding Society or working towards that distinction while assisting already certified welders.

Contact us to learn more about custom rinse tank fabrication. We’re happy to answer any questions.

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