A T tank is shaped like the letter “T,” enabling it to fit snuggly in a truck’s chassis tunnel. It also has a lower center of gravity than other tank types, which supports balancing. This is especially beneficial as trucks move to a fire scene, where speed and safety are paramount.

Further benefits of T tanks include:
  • Holds Larger Amounts Of Liquids
  • Piping Is Simple
  • Fitment Is Easy
  • Made From Long-Lasting Materials
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T-Tanks For Fire Trucks

Your Source For Custom T Tanks

Chicago Plastic Systems is an DVS-certified contract manufacturer of plastic T tanks for demanding fire truck applications, including fire crews, EMS and disaster relief agencies. Our fabricators can produce them using only the highest grade performance plastics in any shape or size to suit your requirements.

Available features include:
  • Fill Tower with Color Coded Lids
  • Sump With FNPT Drain
  • Outlets Per Specifications
  • Baffles With Proprietary Finger-Lock Design
  • Optional Foam Cells
  • Wire Chase
  • Ladder Tunnels

Firefighters are the first line of defense when flames endanger property or lives. As a result, equipment failure isn’t an option. The poly tanks for fire trucks we fabricate have leak-proof extrusion welds over computer controlled butt welds, which provide outstanding rugged durability. They’re finished clean, creating an exterior convenient to leave as is or for prepping and painting.

T-Tanks For Fire Trucks

Additional Fire Truck Tanks

Full-Service T Tank For Fire Truck Provider

Our entire team is happy to build a custom T tank for your application, helping you get the most from available space.  Our full service engineering staff can help you design all the features you’re looking for and still maintain the highest level of structural integrity.  Next, your tank moves to our estimating team with an eye for keeping your project on budget.  Our project managers ensure all information is relayed between you and the production team. 

Speaking of production, our new, state-of-the-art $500,000 production tracking software helps us stay on track with every single step of the manufacturing process, so when we tell you a due date, we actually hit that date!

Carry significant quantities of water and foam without weighing down or overbalancing the truck using T tanks for fire trucks from Chicago Plastic Systems.

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