The Problem

A customer approached Chicago Plastic Systems when their under-performing wire cleaning machine was in need of replacement.  The customer needed a turn-key solution to continually acid etch wire with better efficiency than their tired old system.  The machine had to be capable of high temperatures and be resistant to strong acids.  The machine needed to etch, rinse and dry the wire and be fully self-contained.  The end product had to incorporate heating the acid, etching the wire, rinsing the wire and drying the wire.

The Solution

Our engineering staff did a site assessment and learned what the customer liked about their old system as well as what needed improvement.  Cleaning wire is troublesome because the wire has to be drawn down into the acids and rinse water without damaging the wire or the machine.  We developed and engineered a flooded table design allowing the liquids to be continuously recirculated keeping the wire flat and straight.  We even did the installation.  The end product worked so well the customer has ordered a second unit and has plans for more in the future.  If you have an unusual manufacturing challenge contact us today and learn how we can be of service.

Project Specifications

Product UseCleans and Etches Steel Wire
IndustryIndustrial Manufacturing
MaterialStainless Steel, Polyrpo, CPVC Piping
Primary ProcessEngineering and Design
Secondary ProcessFabrication and Assembly
Project Timeline8-12 Weeks, Site Visit to Install
Chemical ExposureHot Acids
Scope Of WorkSite Visit, Design, Build
Chicago Plastic Systems AdvantagesTurn Key Solution, Process Improvement
Product NameWire Cleaning Machine

Completed Project

The wire must be completely dry at the end of the process before being wound onto spools.  We designed these CNC milled UHMW drying guides that the wire runs through.  A regenerative blower incorporated into our design and mounted to the frame, sends dry air directly onto the wire.  The spring loaded top door keeps the air from escaping too fast and provides an easy access for the technician to troubleshoot the drying process.

The frame of the machine was fabricated in house from 304 SS and incorporates a polypropylene containment pan in case of any leaks in the tank body, pumps or piping.  Polypropylene is very chemical resistant and the pan prevents leaks from damaging the floor or other equipment as well as prevents slips and falls.

After all fabrication was complete, we made a test run of the equipment using just water.  By doing a full factory test, we can ensure not only the mechanical workings of a project but can test the instruments, pumps, heat exchangers and all other apparatus perform to customer satisfaction.

After Chicago Plastic Systems completed the installation, we worked with the customer to ensure all the customer requirements were met.  Here the wire is being fed from the left, through our UHMW rollers, and into the first flooded table of hot acid.  The speed of the wire through the table and the length of the table were considered in the design phase so the wire would be covered in acid for the correct amount of time to produce the desired results.

After the machine was in use for several months, the customer was able to run at the full capacity of 25 wires at a time.  With the additional production, better efficiency, and less downtime for repairs, the customer saw a benefit almost immediately.  Within 2 years they ordered another unit to replace another aging machine. 

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